About LUVE

We're sweet lupine nerds – real lupineers, that is. Three decades of research, now ready to fill up your fridge. Meet LUVE and discover the vegan deliciousness of tomorrow.


Hi, we’re LUVE, nice to know ya. You probably wanna know how we make all this sustainable deliciousness. The secret: our locally grown sweet lupines. And while you’re here: Feel free to get to know our team and find out what makes us real lupineers


The taste of three decades of research

Being different is bad? Quite the opposite. We are different and pretty proud of it. Our founding story might not be as romantic as the stories of some soy-oat-pea-etc. producers who spent two years tinkering in their garage before selling their first product at the local market one Saturday morning. Nope, we are the outcome of nearly three decades of intensive research with a mission to make nutrition more sustainable.

The discovery of the LPI

Have you heard of the Fraunhofer Society? Right there, at the Institute of Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV), the research into the sweet lupine as the food of the future began about 30 years ago. What a ride!

Then, in 2010, it was finally time to turn theory into practice. Prolupin was founded as a spinoff of the IVV to convince the nation’s palates of the many benefits of the sweet lupine and to create real change in the food industry.

Prolupin focused on an ingenious innovation that gives vegan alternatives to dairy products a unique quality and sensory appeal: Using a patented process, high-quality protein is extracted from the sweet lupine’s seeds, called lupine protein isolate (LPI). Doesn’t sound very tasty, but it actually is, once we’re done with it! The structure of the LPI is very similar to the structure of the milk protein. This allows us to produce vegan alternatives to dairy products whose taste comes astonishingly close to their dairy counterparts.

Next step: making cow’s milk obsolete by bringing super delicious products to the cooling shelves all over Germany. To this end, Prolupin founded the MADE WITH LUVE brand in 2015, for which we developed our Lughurts, desserts, drinks, ice cream, and spreads.

Yeah, revolution tastes good!

Now it just had to taste good. And what can we say: Your great feedback has exceeded our expectations. Deliciousness meets sustainability – the sweet lupine revolution begins behind closed fridge doors. 

Well, we must do something right, because some prestigious awards also came our way in recent years, e. g. from PETA and Handelsblatt. Not gonna lie, it feels pretty good.

Made for the future and for the moment

And yet, we’re not popping too many champagne bottles. Because this was just the beginning. There’s still so, so much to do to make a better future happen. But of this we are certain: If there’s one plant that can create lasting change, it’s the sweet lupine. 

While thinking about the future is important, we also want to enjoy the moment. We’re sure you feel the same way. So let’s just hold these thoughts for a minute, get that Lughurt out of the fridge, and enjoy the deliciousness of three decades’ work. 


Our team

As Lupineers, we stand together for change and a better future. With you, we want to define the rules of a new tomorrow. Here’s your chance to get to know the team behind LUVE and all the revolutionary deliciousness.

Get to know our team

What brings us joy

We don’t have “corporate values”, no 10 commandments, and not even cheesy motivational slogans hanging on the walls. Instead, we have things that bring us joy. Attitudes and perspectives that we share as people and unite us. These are three of them.


That’s what they have to say … – Nope, we don’t. Because it’s quite simple: Sustainability does not mean missing out. Sustainability means looking ahead, being creative, finding solutions, and enjoying yourself and good food consciously.


If we do something, we do it right. Because it comes from the heart. Nothing half-assed, no empty promises. That is how we are different and that’s how we make a difference. Only if it moves us, we can move forward.


Curiosity has brought us to where we are now. The desire to discover, the joy of innovation, the striving for change. And yes, we are also curious about what the future holds – that’s why we simply help shape it.

Check out these sweet awards

IFS Food 2020

Our uncompromising quality standards have now also been awarded the highest German food standard. In May 2020, the IFS Food Version 6.1 certification was passed at ‘higher level’. Hooray!

PETA Deutschland – Vegan Food Award 2020

In terms of taste and sustainability, PETA found a star for the fridge: our sugar-reduced Lughurt coconut-pineapple. This award for “Beste Joghurtalternative” (“Best Yogurt Alternative) really made us proud.

PETA Deutschland – Vegan Food Award 2019

Our Chocolate Dessert really blew PETA away. They praised not only “the really chocolaty and creamy” taste, but also the use of sweet lupines in our products. “It sustainably improves the fertility of arable soils.” They’re absolutely right!

Innovativ durch Forschung 2016/17

Inventiveness must be rewarded – we share this view with the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany). In 2016/17, it awarded us the ‘Innovativ durch Forschung’ (‘Innovative through Research’) seal of approval. Thanks, guys!

Ludwig-Bölkow-Technologiepreis Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2016

Not only do our sweet lupines come from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, but also the enormous research and transfer effort that goes into our products. This award recognizes the development effort that is connected to all of our products.

Cleantech Group 2015

The Cleantech Group is convinced that we are doing a really neat job with the sweet lupine in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. In 2015, this earned us a place among the 100 most interesting newcomers worldwide.

European Venture Summit 2015

As a newly founded start-up, our LUVE story was able to immediately impress at the European Venture Contest 2015. In the category “Life Sciences”, the international jury chose LUVE out of 800 innovative start-ups to be in the top 25. Europe, the way we love it!

Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2014

The development of plant-based “food ingredients made from lupines” and the “contribution to balanced nutrition” was more than worthy of an award even before LUVE. In 2014, the German President’s Prize for Technology and Innovation went to the researchers at Prolupin and the Fraunhofer IVV.

Progress Award 2013

Even before LUVE was founded, PETA appreciated all the work we put into the sweet lupine as the food of the future. Our parent company Prolupin received the Progress Award from the animal welfare organization in 2013 for its vegan cheese.