LUVE – the vegan alternative to dairy products

Our mission: finding a solution for the nutrition of the future. With our alternatives to dairy, you no longer have to choose between deliciousness and sustainability. 

Maybe you’ve noticed us while browsing the cooling shelves of your supermarket, and now you’re dying to know what’s up with those purple products that would love to move into your fridge. Or maybe you’ve already tried us and need to find out more about our game-changing vegan products. 

LUVE exists for two reasons. They’re pretty good reasons, too. For you, for us, and for the planet.



When you discover us on the cooling shelf, you don’t just see a vegan alternative to dairy products – you see a small sustainability revolution. Because the basis of our products is the high-quality protein of sweet lupine seeds. Growing the sweet lupine requires way fewer resources than cow’s milk and other vegan alternatives. At the same time, it gives more back to nature. That’s why we’re Lupineers all the way – for sustainable nutrition and a future where fairness starts in the fridge.



Deliciousness without missing out – that’s the bar each of our products has to jump over before we send it to your favorite supermarket or online shop. How do we do that? Our alternatives to dairy products are every bit as tasty as their dairy counterparts. Whether it’s Lughurt, Drinks, Ice cream, Dessert, or Streichglück: With your purchase, you’re not only actively doing something good, but you also have to make zero compromises when it comes to taste and consistency. That’s how you get a taste of the future.