Our team

Our team for the future

Hey, we’re really happy you’re interested in our team! 🙂

Wanna know what makes our team tick? Our greatest skill: We’ve learned to believe in a better tomorrow. And for us, there’s just one way to do that: by working towards a better future.

With open arms. With outstretched hands. If necessary, with raised fists. And always with two middle fingers for the status quo. Because the future looks much brighter, if you’re an active part in shaping it. (Or spooning it, yum!)

We are Lupineers. We are diverse. We are multifaceted. We are unstoppable. We love what we do and do it out of conviction. We are not perfect. We don’t want to be perfect. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. But we’re serious about what we do. And what we do it for.

And now have fun with our faces!

Annette, Supply Chain
Christian, Finance
Corinna, R&D
Friederike, Marketing
Gesche, HR
Helmut, Production
Jonathan, Sales
Julian, Supply Chain
Karin, Sales
Lisa, Marketing
Manfred, Sales
Miriam, Order Management
Nicole, QM
Norbert, Sales
Paul, CEO
Rudolf, Technology
Sabine, Marketing
Simon, QS
Stefan, Growth Unit
Stefanie, R&D
Tanja, Sales
Udo, Marketing