Wild Berries Frozen Lughurt

Sure, ice cream’s great – but have you heard of Frozen Lughurt? We make our vegan alternative to frozen yogurt from local sweet lupins. And now things are getting really wild: Our fruity, creamy and delicately tart Frozen Lughurt Wild Berries doesn’t do it below 30 percent wild berry fruit puree. That means: a wild amount of taste and deliciousness while keeping it nice and light. Just like an actual Lughurt.

And when it’s not about taste (it mostly is though),we’re sending all these unnecessary amounts of sugar out into the wild. With 30 percent less than other well-known ice cream varieties, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial flavor enhancers, Frozen Lughurt is simply doing more by using less of the stuff you never wanted in the first place.

Alright then: Drop the good behavior and let’s get wild with our spoons!

made from German sweet lupine seeds
lactose-free by nature
soy-free by nature
without genetic modification
without artificial coloring
without artificial flavors
Average nutrition facts per 100 g
Calorific Value
479 kJ/115 kcal
Total Fat
6,1 g
– Saturated Fat
5,3 g
Total Carbohydrate
13,4 g
– Total Sugars
6,5 g
Dietary fiber
0,2 g
1,4 g
0,03 g

Water, forest fruit puree 30% (raspberry puree 7.7%, blackberry puree 7.7%, blueberry puree 3.3%), maltodextrin, coconut fat, lupin mixture 9% (water, lupin protein 1.7%), sugar, glucose syrup, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, thickeners: locust bean gum, tara gum; lemon juice concentrate, salt, yogurt cultures.

In case of peanut allergy, cross-reaction to lupine is possible.

Good to know: Changes to our recipes may, under certain circumstances, result in a different composition of ingredients/nutritional values. We therefore assume no liability for the product information provided on this page. The information given on the respective product packaging is authoritative.

Find out what’s inside

We create vegan alternatives to milk products. That’s why we used milk as a model: Milk consists of approximately 87% water – that’s why our products also have a similar water content.
Lupine mixture
We reproduce the milk protein with a patented process by extracting the lupine protein from the sweet lupine seeds.
Let’s do it the honest way: Currently, we have decided against artificial sweeteners and enjoy the original. By the way, cow's milk also contains sugar: up to 5 g per 100 ml.
Coconut fat
We use unhydrogenated coconut fat to come as close as possible to the taste, mouthfeel and consistency of the milk product. The coconut fat provides the necessary structure and the pleasant creamy mouthfeel.
A small amount of salt completes the natural flavor of the chocolate ice cream.
Our maltodextrin is obtained from corn and is used for creaminess in our products. It has a neutral taste and is not too sweet. Maltodextrin falls into the group of carbohydrates.
Vegan yogurt cultures
The purely plant-based Lughurt is prepared according to the classic manufacturing process by naturally fermenting the mass of vegan yogurt cultures. Fortunately, it tastes much better than it sounds!
Lemon juice concentrate
Lemon juice concentrate is the concentrated juice from lemons (surprise!), which supports the mildly sour, fresh taste.
Glucose syrup
Glucose is a simple sugar and serves as food for the lactic acid cultures during fermentation. It is converted into lactic acid, which gives our product a subtly sour note. And don't worry: Despite the lactic acid, the ice cream is of course vegan.
Emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (rapeseed)
The mono- and diglycerides from rapeseed oil are used as a natural emulsifier. Emulsifiers ensure that liquids that normally do not mix well combine. The mono- and diglycerides support the emulsifying effect of the lupine protein.
Thickeners: locust bean gum
Locust bean gum comes from the ground seeds of the locust bean tree and is a high-quality thickener and binder.
Tara gum
Tara gum is a natural thickening agent obtained from the seeds of the tara bush. It gives the ice cream its stable, creamy consistency in combination with locust bean gum.
Forest fruit puree
Our forest fruit puree gives the Frozen Lughurt its delicately tart fruitiness.