Working at LUVE

We want more jobs where you actually love what you do – and make the world a little bit better every day while doing it. Here at LUVE, these jobs exist.

Our vision of work


We can’t do without can-do mentality. It’s at the core of everything we do. We work out of the box, flexibly, cross-functionally. Our job descriptions shouldn’t limit us – they should put us in positions where we can support each other. We like to take responsibility and go forward with courage, open minds, and a compass set on solutions. Sometimes we make a detour just to see what’s out there. With short decision paths and stamina for the long run, we Lupineers change the world step by step.

Welcome to Grimmen & Bremen

2 locations – 1 LUVE

With about 40 employees, we can be found at two locations in northern Germany: in Grimmen and in Bremen. In Grimmen, you can just follow the horizon of purple flowers, because that’s where the cultivation and processing of the sweet lupine seeds take place. In Bremen, our administration, marketing, and B2B departments ensure that the world learns about our unique products. 

LUVE: Behind the brand

Have you heard of Prolupin?

Surprise: We – LUVE – belong to the company Prolupin. It has created, developed, brought up, and nursed the LUVE brand to good health. Prolupin, in turn, was founded by the renowned Fraunhofer Society. There, intensive research was carried out for more than 20 years to find the nutrition of the future. The solution: the sweet lupine. In recent years, Prolupin really stepped on the gas and successfully established LUVE in food retail. But we’re sure of it: That was just the beginning.